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Comments invited on translation of ILTA Code of Ethics into Afrikaans

The Code of Ethics of the International Language Testing Association (ILTA) is a guide to language testers of how they should conduct their business in ways that are caring and compassionate, and at the same time deliberate and professional. It is complemented by locally formulated Codes of Practice. The Code of Ethics is already available in eleven languages.

A team of translators, Sanet Steyn and Gini Keyser, tasked by the Network of Expertise in Language Assessment (NExLA), has now completed the translation of the Code of Ethics into Afrikaans. Subsequent to their first draft, two other practising language testers, Colleen du Plessis and Albert Weideman, have, with the help of language policy specialist Theo du Plessis, produced another two drafts. The fourth draft of the Code is now ready to be presented to the language testing community at large, and is placed here for their comment: ILTA_Code_of_Ethics_in_Afrikaans (Draft).

We would like to receive and consider any comments on this draft before the end of January 2018, when we will to send it in a more or less final form to Tineke Brunfaut, who is managing the translation initiative on behalf of the ILTA executive.

The format in which it is presented here first has the new Afrikaans version (in blue), followed by the original English.

NExLA is proud to have been asked to do this, and we hope that it will be the beginning not only of a greater awareness of ethical test design and administration among  Afrikaans and English language testing professionals, as well as among those who use and are concerned with testing in other indigenous languages in South Africa. There is no reason why it should not be translated into several of the other South African languages.

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