Become a member of NExLA

We would be delighted to welcome anyone with expertise or a keen interest in language assessment to our ranks. Our first aim is to provide members with platforms for professional communication, nationally. Furthermore, NExLA aims to make it possible for the South African language testing community to forge academic ties with scholars from abroad.

On the form below, you can provide us with your professional profile by (a) providing a link to a (regularly updated) profile of yourself on the web, or (b) by using the space in the form for a biosketch of approx. 150 words. Option (a) is preferred because it is more likely to stay up to date. If you prefer to provide us with a short biosketch, we would like you to notify us when anything changes.

If completing forms is not your thing, you would be most welcome to send an email to Dr Kabelo Sebolai or Prof. Albert Weideman directly.


Student membership; ZAR 50.00
Ordinary membership: ZAR 100.00
Institutional membership: ZAR 200.00
Associate membership: ZAR 100.00
Honorary membership: ZAR 100.00

Overseas members can pay via PayPal on this page.