NExLA language test experts feature prominently at LTRC 2021

In addition to several NExLA members being involved in the organisation of the annual conference of the International Language Testing Association (ILTA), called the Language Testing Research Colloquium, as well as in pre-conference events, five members were prominent among those who spoke at seminars and as individual speakers.

Tobie van Dyk and Albert Weideman were invited speakers at the Opening symposium, with papers dealing, respectively, with a survey of language assessment research in South Africa, and the alignment of language interventions in higher education. Kabelo Seoblai (Stellenbosch) and Gustav Butler (NWU) read papers at another invited symposium, on multilingual assessment in Africa and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. John Read, another NExLA member, was the discussant here. Alan Cliff (dean, CHED, UCT) delivered an individual paper, while Khaled Barkaoui and Albert Weideman served on the organising committee, the former as chair.

The prominence of South African language experts here is merited. The quality of language assessment research and design in South Africa, highlighted in and confirmed by all these contributions, deserves being aired on international fora. We trust that this will be a stimulus for similar reporting in the future, as has the comprehensive bibliography of this work that NExLA has brought together.

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