Diversity, Language testing

The management of language diversity in educational settings

For language empowerment to take place in diverse environments, policy, planning, instruction and assessment all need to be aligned. Several NExLA members were recently involved in highlighting how language testing can contribute to achieving this harmony. The occasion? A workshop hosted by the Unit for Language Facilitation and Empowerment (ULFE) of the University of the Free State, with the theme of  language diversity in educational settings.

The workshop, the third in this series (Joint Scientific and Technological Cooperation Werkswinkel/Workshop III), forms part of a joint project between the University of the Free State (South Africa) and the University of Namur (Belgium). The project aims at advancing the study of the practical management of language policy and planning processes that serves to promote language diversity both at school and university level, as it pertains to literacy, language maintenance and language empowerment. Click to find the JST Workshop III Programme, list of papers and their abstracts, and profiles of the presenters.  Papers can be delivered on request. Just contact the webmaster.



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